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Is Your Business Set-Up for International Growth?

Ashwin Bhatnagar

Design & Product

MSMEs are the true lynchpin of India's increasingly exciting export story boasting record annual growth rates. MSMEs now account for more than 34% of exports, and this share will only grow in years to come. The 21st century truly belongs to the Indian exporter. Unfortunately, the 21st century world of international commerce is hobbled by a 20th century experience when receiving cross-border payments. Xflow is determined to change that.

Xflow is a financial services company revolutionizing the experience of receiving cross-border payments, especially for small and medium enterprises. Xflow makes receiving cross-border payments almost as simple as receiving domestic payments. Xflow Receiving Accounts is an excellent solution for exporters wanting to collect US$ in an affordable and compliant manner from anywhere in the world with no restriction on transaction size.

The Xflow Receiving Accounts are similar to foreign bank accounts but without the associated hassles. It takes just 5 minutes to sign-up for your Xflow Account. Once you sign up, you become eligible for a free US$ Xflow Receiving Account. You can share this Receiving Account’s details with your customers and start receiving payments from anywhere in the world. It's as simple as that! While there are similar sounding solutions in the market, Xflow Receiving Accounts offers unparalleled benefits that can redefine your payment experience.

1. Simplify payments for your customers, boost customer satisfaction

Your customers pay for invoices by making a local bank transfer to your Xflow Receiving Account. Xflow then works with its banking partners to securely move money to your bank account. Compared to international wires, local bank transfers provide

Faster settlements
Once your customer makes the transfer, funds arrive in your Xflow Receiving Account within a few hours.

With no intermediary banks between your customers and your Xflow Receiving Account, there are no surprise charges or delays typically seen with international wires.

Lower costs
The transaction processing fee for local bank transfers is significantly lower than that of international wires. Some payment methods are free for your customers.

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2. Track payments, withdraw any amount compliantly and manage your cash flow efficiently

Get notified of incoming payments, and compliantly withdraw any amount to your bank account whenever you need.

No restrictions on withdrawals
Compliantly withdraw payments received from your customers when you need them. There is no restriction on withdrawal amount or number of withdrawals.

Streamlined operations
Payments are deposited directly in your bank account. No back-forth with your bank to get funds into your account.

Get a free FIRA issued by an RBI approved tier 1 bank for every withdrawal.

3. Run your business on a fast and predictable payment stack

Plan your business operations better with

Next-Day settlements
Once you withdraw funds from your Xflow Receiving Account, funds arrive in your bank account the next business day.

Better FX certainty
You will know the precise INR amount that will land in your bank account When you withdraw from the Xflow Receiving Account.

Xflow receiving account

4. Spend less time on reconciliations

Xflow Receiving Accounts are extremely versatile and can dramatically simplify your reconciliation process. If you have a number of customers that make regular payments, then instead of a single Xflow Receiving Account, you can create one Xflow Receiving Account per customer. With customer-specific Xflow Receiving Accounts, you can easily track who has paid and who hasn’t. Tag each invoice to incoming payments and easily reconcile your bank statements with Xflow payouts.

5. Competitive, transparent and tailored pricing

You pay Xflow only when you get paid. Your Xflow Receiving Accounts are free - no opening or maintenance fee. There are no charges for receiving payments in the Xflow Receiving Account. You will pay fees only when you withdraw funds from your Xflow Receiving Account. Through our banking partners, we offer you one of the most competitive FX rates. For high volume businesses, Xflow provides tailored pricing such that you are getting the best payments experience at very affordable rates.