If you are an independent professional or a business set up as a company, limited liability partnership, sole proprietorship or a partnership, in India, and exporting goods or services to any customers outside India, you are eligible to apply, subject to our terms and conditions.

We do not support any business or industry that is prohibited or deemed high risk under our policies. You can find this information here

We are authorised as a money service business in Canada to provide payment services. We also partner with fully licensed AD1 banks such as JP Morgan Chase to provide these services.

Yes. You can create payment links very easily

We currently do not support payouts from India to other parts of the world. We are working on it and will let you know when it is avaible. Just drop us an email at contact@xflowpay.com. Today we support receiving foreign payments into India.

We currently support only receiving money for export related transactions.

Yes. You can create your own invoices with unique designs. You can embed payment links or bank account information within those invoices as well.

Please do write to us at contact@flowpay.com.

You can choose to receive all payments into one single account. You can also choose to receive all payments from a particular customer in a unique account or even choose to have a unique account per invoice.

It's very easy to start using Xflow. Once you complete Xflow's simple onboarding process, you can share bank account details or a payment link with your customer. You can also use Xflow Invoices to create a simple invoice with payment mechanisms embedded within the invoice

You won't be charged anything for collecting foreign payments. You will be charged a nominal fee only at the time of payout/withdrawal. Know more about our pricing here.

You can expect to receive your money as quickly as the next business day, depending on the payment method chosen.

You can transparently see all your charges on the Dashboard against the respective payout.

Please do write to us at contact@flowpay.com

No. There is no upper limit on the amount that you can receive

We offer independent professionals including freelancers, professionals, sole proprietors and business owners the ability to receive payments from companies anywhere in the world. Xflow enables seamless collection of payments through a simple & compliant way and at affordable prices. The payments are deposited in local currency to your bank account in India within the next business day.

We support receiving payments from anywhere in the world unless you are receiving the payment from a country or region which is subject to international sanctions or which we deem to be high risk. If you have specific questions about a particular country or region, please feel free to contact us at contact@xflowpay.com for more details.

Xflow supports collection in 10+ widely used currencies like USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, SGD, AED, HKD and 6 other eurozone currencies. Local collection is available in 6 currencies - USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, SGD, and HKD.

Fast: Get funds into your INR bank account the very next business day.

Get started in an instant: Xflow’s simple onboarding and easy to navigate dashboard, enables customers to start using the service almost instantaneously.

Better experience: Allow your customers to pay using their local payment methods using either bank transfers or payment links.

Affordable: Lower your cost of receiving payments; also choose to pass on costs to the payer.

Compliant: A payment experience thats not only simple but also fully compliant with all regulatory requirements.

Our banking partner will provide a Foreign Inward Remittance Statement upon completion of your transaction. This will be available on the dashboard 1 day after you receive your payment in India.