XFlow closes Pre-Series A funding of $10.2 million led by Square Peg


Frequently asked questions

What does XFlow do?

XFlow is a global payments infrastructure company that enables businesses to access global markets easily. We will do that by enabling businesses to accept and pay out money globally in a simple, reliable, compliant, transparent and financially-compelling manner.

Put simply, we want to simplify cross-border payments for XFlow’s users so that they are simpler than domestic payments (we’re not kidding).

Have you raised any funding?

Yes, we’ve raised seed funding from marquee investors like Lightspeed, General Catalyst, Stripe and a select set of angel investors.

How do you plan to use this funding?

Building payments infrastructure takes time and requires patience. We know what we want to build, and building a global company along the lines of Stripe and AWS, will require a fantastic team. We intend to use a majority of our funding to build this team and compensate them well.

In addition, we’ve also set aside a generous pool of equity so as to ensure that when the company does well, our early employees make life-changing money.

Finally, we of course offer benefits like health insurance and unlimited leaves.

I’m interested in working at XFlow. Are you looking to hire?

Yes, head over to our jobs page to see the positions we’re currently hiring for.

But before you do, we expect every employee to be:

  • Amazing at his/her craft
  • Obsess about the customer (and not the competition)
  • Think from first principles and move with urgency
  • Good at heart (we mean it)

We’d love to hear from you if you meet this bar.

A finance company with high stakes. Should I be worried about a non-existent personal life?

No, we’re not about building a burnout culture. We know what burnout feels like and how harmful it can be. This doesn’t mean that we’re lazy or we don’t want to work hard. Of course we do, but having a fulfilling work-life balance is essential.

Finally, we care deeply about building a lasting company together. As an early employee, you will come in with a significant share of equity, this will mean (i) acting like an owner and (ii) going above and beyond your defined role.

I’m excited and have more questions. How do I reach out?

You can email your questions to contact@xflowpay.com. One of us will reply to you as soon as we can.