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XFlow builds payments infrastructure to make cross-border payments as easy as the domestic ones.
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Payment guarantees
Payment guarantees
XFlow provides payment guarantees for cross-border money movement. We’ll show you when and how much money will get deposited. In case of failed transfers, we will return your funds quickly.
Financially compelling
Financially compelling
Cross-border money movement is expensive. XFlow will lower costs to make cross-border payments financially compelling.
Payment guarantees
Simplifying compliance
XFlow simplifies the necessary compliance checks like determining the purpose of the transfer, filling up forms, or providing instant access to electronic Foreign Inwards Remittance Advice (e-FIRA) among others.
Who is xflow for
Who is XFlow for?
We’ve built XFlow for software developers. We’ve made embedding our payments infrastructure into your experience super easy by providing simple and powerful abstractions, fantastic documentation, and a product that’s available in a self-serve manner.
Through the developer, XFlow enables cross-border money movement for startups, growth companies, aggregators and enterprises alike.
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