Xflow for Platforms

International payments infrastructure for platforms

Effortlessly embed the best-in-class international payments experience on your platform. Our powerful APIs provide a ton of capabilities while completely abstracting away the complexities of cross-border money movement.

International payments infrastructure for platforms

Why platforms work with Xflow

Build better and ship faster

Product and Engineering teams love Xflow for their unmatched infrastructure to handle international B2B payment workflows. 

Powerful and flexible APIs

Our APIs don’t just abstract away the complexity involved in cross-border money movement but also give you infinite options to carve an experience that seamlessly blends into your product. 

Super fast integration

While designing our APIs, we put a lot of stress on keeping things simple, which allows our users to build faster with fewer resources. Typical integration takes less than 2 weeks!

Developer centric

Our team has deep expertise in building technology infrastructure and understands what developers need to execute well. There are tons of resources to make your integration smoother.

Humans for help

We love AI, but we love interacting with our customers more. Just ping, and couple of us will show up! Slack, email, phone, whatsapp, anything goes. If your coffee is good, we will drop by too.