Affordable international payments for all businesses

Our deep integration with the core cross-border money movement infrastructure allows us to reduce the cost of international payments for businesses of all sizes. We also bring much-needed transparency to currency conversion by providing FX rates benchmarked to the mid-market or inter-bank rate.

Pricing That Works For Everyone

  • Competitively priced payments for your users.
  • Generate a new revenue stream for yourself.
  • Tailored pricing for high volume users. 
Small and Medium business
Small Businesses
  • Significant savings over receiving funds via SWIFT.
  • Transparent and competitive FX solution.
  • Volume based discounts.
Independent Professionals
Independent Professionals
  • Save more than 80% in payment costs.
  • Share fees with your customers to lower cost.
  • Free Invoicing.

Doing more than $10,000 in monthly volume? Talk to us for tailored pricing.

Doing more than $10,000 in monthly volume? Talk to us for tailored pricing.

Pay only when you get paid. Pay only for what you use.

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Did you know?

To find your actual FX cost, you should compare your FX rate with the inter-bank rate or the mid-market rate. Hence always ask your payment provider to explain their FX markup with the inter-bank or mid-market rate as the reference rate.

Get Competitive and Transparent FX

  • We tell your our FX rate and the interbank rate for complete transparency.
  • We provide guaranteed FX rates. You will know the precise INR amount that will land in your account, upfront!
  • We work with top global banks to negotiate competitive FX rates for you.